Laporte Archery Makes Dream
Machine Laporte Archery Makes Dream Machine

Whether you’re shooting for fun or preparing for bowhunting season, there’s no time like the present to sharpen your archery skills.

Practice means the difference between acquiring technique and achieving “a pure lightning reaction state of Zen” says Lydia Lohrer of Detroit Free Press.

You rest, you rust. It’s clumsy vanity to believe you can have your moment of glory in the field without preparation.

The time to prepare for this season’s upcoming hunt is now — and there’s a new gizmo to keep your skills sharp. I dare say the Laporte America machine — shiny, solid and filled with 65 foam targets — is every archer’s fantasy.

The name of the newest game in town is Sporting Arrows. It’s an adapted version of clay target shooting but with a bow, arrow and moving target. The marvelous machine that dispenses the targets is the aluminum Phoenix 65T25, thus named because it takes you from the ashes of boredom of shootingstationary targets ad infinitum to the fiery joy of archery the way you always dreamed.

Laporte America, an Archery Trade Association-member manufacturer, has captured the imagination of every archer with the Phoenix. It’s suited for leisure or competitive shooting, and safe for all ages.

The Phoenix 65T25 hurler has a variable trajectory — from 90 degrees to simulate a flushing pheasant all the way down to ground level to mimic a rabbit scampering across a field, Lohrer says.

Mark Copeland manages Jay’s Sporting Goods, an ATA-member retailer in Gaylord, Mich. He teaches USA Archery and National Archery in the Schools Program, and uses the Laporte machine to help engage people of all ages in archery programs.

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