Product Profile: Tribute
Arrow Product Profile: Tribute Arrow

The Tribute, by Easton Technical Products, offers newer archers an aluminum arrow shaft that combines durability with the quality synonymous with the Easton name. Younger or more petite archers using lighter draw weights and draw lengths of less than 28” will appreciate this attractive and accurate arrow. Featuring a black coating with a flame motif, this arrow reminds archers of the movies that have brought so much attention to the sport of archery.


[tab name=”Specs”]

  • Material: Easton XX75 Aluminum Alloy
  • Finish: Anodized black with flame print
  • Guaranteed Straightness: +/- .005”
  • Weight Tolerance: +/- 2%
  • Nocks: BJ nocks will fit this arrow’s precision-ground swage (1214 accepts Easton G-Nock)

Available Shaft Sizes:

  • 1214
  • 1413
  • 1416
  • 1516
  • 1616
  • 1716
  • 1816
  • 1916
  • 2016


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The Tribute uses Easton’s proprietary XX75 alloy, and accepts BJ nocks, which are sold separately, along with arrow points.


[tab name=”Discipline”]

  • Archery Style: Compound Target, 3D Archery, Recreational


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