Traditional Archery: Develop
Laser Vision Traditional Archery: Develop Laser Vision

Traditional bowhunters need well-trained eyes to see a deer’s ear twitch 30 to 50 yards from a tree stand. It’s the same skill Major League baseball players use to determine which way the threads on a baseball turn as a 90-mph pitch speeds toward home plate.

You need to calculate the distance and your arrow’s speed and trajectory to accurately place your arrow when a buck appears. That skill might mean the difference between shooting a deer 15 yards from your tree stand or missing it.

Your ability to concentrate in your tree stand relates to how well you detect deer movement. When your concentration wanders or you begin daydreaming, you won’t see as many deer as you will if you remain focused on looking for deer.

The more time you spend in the woods, the quicker and easier your eyes detect movements like a twitching tail or a turning ear. Once you detect such movements, look more closely to pinpoint the animal’s body to ensure it’s a deer.

When you’ve identified the movement as a deer, align yourself in proper shooting form to make an accurate shot.

Shoot the deer with your feet. That is, if you aren’t in the right position and planting your feet squarely and aligning your body properly, chances are you’ll miss.

When hunting deer with a traditional bow:

  • Look for Movement.
  • Calculate Distance.
  • Stay Alert.
  • Shoot with Your Feet. 

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