Traditional Archery: How
to Deal With Slumps Traditional Archery: How to Deal With Slumps

Traditional bowhunters, like athletes in all sports, occasionally go through slumps when they lose their muscle memory and can’t hit targets consistently.

If you stubbornly keep shooting traditional archery when shooting badly, you might train yourself to shoot inaccurately. Don’t practice bad habits. If you’re in a slump, put down your bow and do something else for a day or two.

You might be shooting badly because you’re thinking too much and making a conscious correction to an unconscious phenomenon. If you must think to hit your target, the process takes place so fast that while you’re thinking about what to do, you’ll miss the shot.

For shooting to be instinctive, you must depend on your body to do what it’s trained to do, without going through a conscious thought process. The more you shoot traditional archery, the more accurately and consistently you’ll shoot, and the better bowhunter you’ll become.

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