Traditional Archery: Shoot
Without Aiming Traditional Archery: Shoot Without Aiming

Well-defined eye-hand coordination improves your success as an instinctive shooter. How do you acquire well-defined eye-hand coordination come? Are you born with it? Or do you learn it? The answer is both.

As you work, train and hone your talent to its highest level, you can develop strong eye-hand coordination and the ability to shoot accurately with a longbow or recurve.

Howard Hill, one of the greatest instinctive shooters of all time, practiced by shooting 100 arrows daily almost every day of his life.

Instinctive bowhunters hone their innate ability to make accurate shots by correctly and repeatedly executing the same skills. Once you’re comfortable with the bow and your ability to shoot it, the longbow or recurve becomes an extension of your body.

To learn to shoot these bows instinctively:

  • Train and practice until you can bypass thought action.
  • Rely totally on muscle memory to make your shot.
  • Pick the spot on the target you want to shoot.
  • Tune out distractions.
  • Draw and shoot the bow without aiming, and hit your mark.

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