Traditional Archery: Calculate
Distance Traditional Archery: Calculate Distance

When hunting with a traditional bow, you must calculate distance, trajectory and arrow speed to accurately place your shot.

Through practice and visual reinforcement, you’ll learn how much force to apply to the arrow to make it hit your target at various distances at specific times.

The arrow’s flight has an arc. Even though you might shoot the arrow in a straight line parallel to the ground, it’s flight path still follows some type of arc.

To hit the target consistently, visualize how the arrow will fly as it rises, reaches its peak and drops into the spot you’re trying to hit.

Try using brightly colored fletchings to learn shooting the traditional bow more quickly. Bright fletchings help you see the arrow’s arc during practice, which helps you, determine how much force to use, and where to aim to hit each target.

For long shots, you must shoot the arrow higher to hit the target than when you’re taking shorter shots. Adjust your bow to provide just the arc required to hit the target regardless of the distance.

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