"Arrow" Cast Members Have
Misplaced Their Shirts "Arrow" Cast Members Have Misplaced Their Shirts

Beauty World News reported on Sept. 16 that “Arrow,” the CW show which kicks off season two Oct. 9, released smoking-hot promo posters to generate buzz:

“With the “Arrow” season two premiere right around the corner, a shirtless Colton Haynes and Stephen Amell appear in newly released posters. The two actors showed off their ripped, toned chests before the CW show debuts again in October.”

The second season of “Arrow” will feature 23 episodes. Last year, Wired blogger Jim MacQuarrie broke down “Arrow’s” potrayal of archery, what was accurate and what was not.

The actual archery isn’t bad; he’s got a decent form, though he might want to work on rotating that elbow away from the bow a bit. The big fail here is the equipment. Starting with the dusty old crate: who stores their bow in a big wooden crate? Why not a regular bow case? Second, of course, is the fact that the bow has been stored still strung; nobody who knows anything about archery would ever do that. It’s bad for the bow, and can result in a bow that shatters at some point down the line. Third, what kind of bow is that? To me, it looks like a modern take-down recurve that somebody has stuck a bunch of pseudo-steampunk brass fiddly bits onto for no good reason. More importantly, it looks like a child’s bow, maybe 46 long or so. A bow of that size is suitable for a kid up to about age 10 or four-and-a-half feet tall, whichever comes first. For an adult, it’s much too small. It looks like they put a shorter string on it to give it a deeper profile, but that doesn’t help anyone either.”

Evidently, the show’s central character, Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, will get an equipment upgrade this season, but it looks like we’ll have to wait until the show premiers next month to find out exactly what he’ll shoot.


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