10 Reasons Fashion Trends
Have Wispy Divas Drawing
Bows While Still Looking
All Drawn Up (and Uber
Skinny) 10 Reasons Fashion Trends Have Wispy Divas Drawing Bows While Still Looking All Drawn Up (and Uber Skinny)

1. Though you don’t see a bow or arrow anywhere on this model, archery was creeping into fashion as early as 2010. Vogue classified an emerging “tribal theme” as, “divided into utilitarian safari styles or crazy big cat and tribal prints.” That vibe was sort of like a gateway drug into the archery addiction we know today.

Vogue Fashion Archery 1


2. Despite trends and “tribal themes,” no one does safari better than Meryl Streep in “Out of Africa.” She rocked the whites and tans and never failed us with her selection of hats.

Out of Africa Archery Fashion #2


3. Except for when she wasn’t wearing one of her hats like when Robert Redford washed her hair while picnicking on the African plains.

Out of Africa Archery Fashion 4


4. Before the 2012 Summer Olympics, a campaign dubbed “The Beauty Games” launched by Swedish retailer NK was profiled on the blog, Fashion In Motion. That campaign gave us this:

Fashion in Motion Archery 4


5. Rachel K. Ward, PhD, whose work has been profiled in Vogue and the New York Times, wrote this shortly after the 2012 Summer Olympics, “For me, this season brought an epiphany about targets … I have tried archery, and have always wanted to fence.  Watching these sports revealed they share strength in precision.” That text introduced this photo featuring a compound bow. (If you can make out what compound bow the model is shooting, tell us in the comment section below.)

Fashion Archery 5Cedric Buchet, V 76,  Spring 2012


6. By 2013, the “tribal theme” surfaces again in Yahoo’s Top 13 Summer Fashion Trends. “Also arrows. I’m seeing arrow print on kids clothing, women’s jewelry, even decor. It’s a part of the ‘tribal theme’ that is ever so popular these days!”  Arrows like this cutie is wearing from Dark Cycle Clothing store on Etsy.

Etsy Archery Fashion Kid Arrows


7. This pic was taken at a World Cup Final practice and, we believe, this use of arrows could potentially influence the emerging, 2014 “tribal theme.” Thanks @saralopezb24 and World Archery for posting.

World Archery Fashion


8. In August, J. Crew storefronts featured archery themes in locations across the country. An unnamed archery blogger known only as “The Infinite Curve” wrote, “it seems to be a strange mix of simple cultural shorthand – the use of arrows and targets has long been used as a visual business metaphor – along with the now familiar sexing-up of archery in the last year or so, plus the fact that, of course targets and arrows and bows simply look awesome.”

J. Crew Storefront Archery


9. By now, you must be wondering if archery fashion has blown right by the men folk. Fear not. There are arrow tie bars.

8-Arrow Tie Bar Merrin & Gussy


10. And … arrow tie bars paired with hunter-green ties featuring a big buck.

9-Tie Bar Buck

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