Kid Rock Calls Bowhunting
"An Adrenaline Rush" Kid Rock Calls Bowhunting "An Adrenaline Rush"

Robert Ritchie – a.k.a. Kid Rock – is known for his unique blend of rock, rap and country music. He’s also an avid hunter, and wears camouflage and shoots a Bowtech Experience bow and Magnus Bullhead in his new video “Redneck Paradise.”

The video’s opening scene shows Kid Rock and Hank Williams Jr. calling wild turkeys from a hunting blind. The two musicians hunt throughout the video, with Kid Rock and others shooting bows at targets.

In early 2013, Kid Rock said he didn’t know where he got his hunting instincts,  because he’s the only hunter in his family. But because a report by the National Shooting Sports Foundation showed that (NUMBER) hunters have rural roots, Rock’s interest in hunting might stem from boyhood when he picked apples and tended horses on his family’s 6-acre orchard.

Bowhunting, however, is a new pursuit for Kid Rock. In 2012 he jump-started this activity with lessons from another Detroit-born musician and hunter. In a story for contactmusic, Kid Rock said:

Ted Nugent’s one of the best bowhunters in the world. He’s been bowhunting since the ’50s, so I called Uncle Ted and he said, ‘Come on, I’ll give you a little lesson.’ So we had lessons and now I’m ready to knock down a big one and get me some good venison meat. It’s like a rush. You’ve got to wait for that big monster to get right in front of your blind and then you’ve got to draw the arrow back. It’s quite an adrenalin rush.”

Bowhunting is one of the best ways for hunters to connect with nature because they must pay close attention to the feeding and travel patterns of wildlife. Bowhunting is archery and all the skills that come with it. In 2012, 18.9 million Americans participated in archery or bowhunting.

In an article for Sportsman’s Guide, Nugent said of Kid Rock:

“As one of the world’s most talented and successful performers, I knew better than anyone how important it was for my friend to escape the mayhem of rock ’n’ roll and cleanse his soul with the mystical flight of the arrow. Plus we all know that the more backstraps one personally harvests and consumes, the more intense and soulful one’s music and life.”

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