Katniss and...Buffalos? Katniss and...Buffalos?

If you hear the words “Hunger Games” and “buffalo” said together, you’ll likely imagine characters hunting the majestic animals, or extravagant costumes made from buffalo fur. But the true tie between “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” and the seemingly unrelated animal is Katniss’ bow.

Katniss’ holds her Hoyt Buffalo on theatrical posters for “Catching Fire,” and uses it in the upcoming movie, due in theaters Nov. 22. Also, a tiny replica of her iconic bow is included with the newly released Catching Fire Barbie. Hoyt confirmed the bow’s origin with a Facebook post:

Who knew? Barbie shoots a Hoyt! Catching Fire Barbie with a Hoyt Buffalo. Sweet! For Katniss to stay on top, she of course went to her HOYT. An obvious choice! #getseriousgethoyt #hungergames #catchingfire #katniss #hoyt #archery #hoytbuffalo

Mattel made the doll available Oct. 7 and within only two days, Catching Fire Barbie was backordered through Christmas, as reported by Zimbio.

We know Hunger Games superfans can be very enthusiastic, so maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that the toymakers’ new set of Catching Fire Barbie dolls are so popular. The company’s new Katniss, Effie, and Peeta dolls went on sale Monday on Mattel’s website for $25 each, and they’re already backed up past Christmas! You can go to the site and order one now, but it says not to expect it delivered until December 31.

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