Second Season of "Arrow"
Debuts Superbow Second Season of "Arrow" Debuts Superbow

The second season of “Arrow,” which follows Green Arrow, comic’s best-known bowman, premiered Oct. 9 on

Image: Stephen Arnell as The Arrow. Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW

Image: Stephen Arnell as The Arrow. Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW

the CW Television Network after months of hype.

Fans of the show’s dynamic first season waited not-so-patiently to learn what villains Oliver Queen/Green Arrow would fight, and other details. During the summer, producers revealed Oliver would use high-tech archery equipment in its second season, but they kept further details secret.

This year’s premiere, called “City of Heroes,” brought two main changes: Oliver’s upgraded Arrowcave equipment and his decision to stop killing bad guys.

During the first season, Oliver – affectionately called “Ollie” by fans and many reviewers – used a hodge-podge bow that looked as if every piece was found and assembled on a desert island. This season, Oliver uses a “superbow.”

“Entertainment Weekly” said the bow was a highlight of the premiere.

“Good: The new superbow Felicity had custom-made for Oliver. Instead of pistol-whipping, Oliver bow-whipped one of the Hoods when he rescued Thea. As much as I write about Stephen Amell being shirtless, my favorite part of Arrow is actually the hand-to-hand combat. That’s when it felt like Arrow was back. Oliver managed to save her without killing anyone. That’s the moment Oliver realized he could be a hero.”

Another reviewer asked how Oliver’s team paid to upgrade the Arrowcave and custom-make a bow, while MTV Online posted photos of the new Arrowcave bow and arrows.

After the premiere, fans buzzed about Oliver’s new crime-fighting bow. C.P. Oneida Eagle Bows confirmed via Facebook that it’s an Oneida Kestrel.

“Who saw the 2nd series of ‘ARROW’ premiere last night?
It was a great show, featuring the Kestrel, which was given to the main character. Let us know if you saw the show and what you thought.”

The first season showed Oliver fighting more than five guys at once, and this season also promises plenty of action. Steven Amell, who plays the title character, told E! Online the new, no-kill rule makes the “Arrow” fight sequences better than ever.

“It certainly makes them meaner. In a lot of ways, an arrow to the heart is probably a little bit nicer than me using that awesome new bow that I have and punching you in the face five times because at least with an arrow to the heart it’s over quickly.”

“Arrow” excites viewers, who post to social media using hashtags including #TeamArrow, #ArrowCW and #TeamOllie.

On Oct. 13, Minjaassassin posted, “Working on #accuracy today. Hitting those balloons. #TeamArrow #Hawkeye #Darkarcher #TaketheShot” along with a short video of he and friends shooting balloons with bows and arrows.

In October 2012, after the first season premiered, a message board post from Aysyr said:

“Hey does anyone here follow the series ‘Arrow’ that came out a few weeks ago?
I started watching it and it’s actually what pushed me to finally starting archery (been wanting to for a while but never did) just cause of the excitement factor.”

Luckily, becoming skilled at archery doesn’t take a vendetta, five years on a desert island or training on a salmon ladder. If you’re interested in archery, check out Getting Started in Archery. For help choosing the best archery equipment, visit your bowhunting pro shop.

Here’s more of what fans are Tweeting about “Arrow”

Megamind ‏@Tre4Tre21 4m
I get the feeling @CW_Arrow will be a better series than Smallville. and thats saying a LOT

Bruno ‏@TheMoralVampire 6m
#TheTomorrowPeople and #Arrow today! 🙂

Josh Posey ‏@posey0505 11m
So ready for #Arrow tonight

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It’s #Arrow day!

Shahnaz ‏@Shahnaz97 3m
Stephen Amell Why so beautiful

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