Final “Catching Fire”
Trailer Hits During World
Series Final “Catching Fire” Trailer Hits During World Series

“The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” final movie trailer debuted Oct. 27 during game four of the World Series.

Fox and Fox Sports 1 dubbed Oct. 27 “Catching Fire Sunday” to advertise the release of the trailer, which was stocked with archery, action and new movie footage, including never-before-seen shots of the arena.

With about a dozen scenes featuring Katniss and her bow and/or arrows, it seems the final trailer was tailored to audiences thirsting for action. Hypable reports the “major look” at “Catching Fire” arrived during the fifth inning.

“Lionsgate’s decision to show the trailer to an older audience is interesting on two levels. For one, they’re getting sports fans excited about a fictional competition that they may not be familiar with. On another, they’re betting this trailer will appeal to fans of high-profile sporting events.”

The first TV spot for Catching Fire premiered Oct. 14, and featured a dramatic vibe with scenes set to Coldplay’s single “Atlas.” “Entertainment Weekly” reported:

“Rejoice, citizens of Panem: Only 37 days remain before the 75th annual Hunger Games! And if the following advertisement is any indication, this year’s competition is going to be a doozy — filled with love triangles, fiery costumes, and some very sharp shooting.”

Only one scene in the first TV spot shows Katniss wielding her bow, but that shouldn’t stop the latest movie from boosting archery interest. In November 2012, The New York Times reported that “The Hunger Games” resonates with girls like no other series.

“Catching Fire” opens in U.S. theaters Nov. 22.

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