District 8 Gives Us Textiles
& 13 Fashion Notables for
Archers District 8 Gives Us Textiles & 13 Fashion Notables for Archers

When you think about “The Hunger Games” at its core — kids selected to fight to the death until only one victor remains — fashion doesn’t readily come to mind. Yet, there it is. The movie franchise has its own fashion magazine, Capitol Couture. The magazine explores the fashion trends and beauty regimes of Panem’s tributes along with other fashion influencers like The Games’ Effie Trinket. Meanwhile, Archery 360 has found some fashion trends of its own: some are related to “The Hunger Games,” while others explore the style of the modern archer.

1. Let’s start with South Korea’s gold-medal-winning women’s team from a year ago. These three, who showed up in London for the 2012 Summer Olympics wearing plaid bucket hats, black-rimmed eyeglasses and beaded bracelet, quickly became The Game’s “hipster archers.”



2. And while we’re observing the styles of the archery elite, let’s put the spotlight on Brady Ellison and his belt buckles. While they seem a bit — ummm heavy? — with gym shorts and a t-shirt, the buckles don’t seem to hinder Ellison’s accuracy. The 25-year-old, Globe, Ariz., native entered the 2012 Olympic Games ranked No. 1 in the world and helped the U.S. men’s archery team win silver in London last summer.

Brady+Ellison+2012+Team+USA+Media+Summit+oru-RRhqd7ZlPhoto: Zimbio.com


3. Last month, Ellison — along with teammates Jake Kaminski and Joe Fanchin —competed in Turkey and claimed the first World Championship Title for the U.S. men’s archery team since 1983.

Brady-Ellison-WCFinal-726x483Photo: Dean Alberga


4. But not everyone loves the western belt buckle, which is why NEONBLOND gives you this:

I love archery neonblond


5. Let’s say you’re not traveling to Turkey to compete. Instead, you’re out in the backyard working your craft: a casual archer. You need an understated look, something like what Jennifer Valliere put together. She submitted this pic to Release Your Wild’s Facebook page. It’s just her, a bow and a target in the woods.

archery 360 casual archer


6. Then there’s Suzan Davis Atkinson, who also submitted a photo of her daughter Skylar to Release Your Wild. Hey Skylar, we see what you did there.

archery 360 hoodie


7. You don’t often see hoodies at the range, but it’s legit thanks to the Green Arrow. Dude’s a superhero, so he can do whatever he wants. Evidently, so can Skylar. Respect.



8. But, wait. Let’s be careful. We’d shy away from showing up at your neighborhood archery shop  wearing a target on your chest.


9. That’d be like your mom wearing those Christmas sweaters in December … with holiday-themed appliqués when a solid red crewneck would do.

mom sweaterPhoto: craptastickatie.blogspot.com



Archery 360 district 8


11. Still, there are worse things an archer could wear. Did District 8 make these things for Katniss and the other tributes?



12. Jennifer Lawrence: Hey, who’s the prankster? This is an on-set prank, right? I’m laughing. Should I not be laughing?  …  I. DON’T. UNDERSTAND.



13. You know what? Doesn’t matter. Cause there’s this: predator eyes, steely gaze.



Last week, the archery community “Release Your Wild” honored District 8, the textile and clothing district, as the opening of “Catching Fire” draws near.

District8 RYW


November 22.


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