Does Archery Make Jennifer
Lawrence “Too Cool”? Does Archery Make Jennifer Lawrence “Too Cool”?

Hunting, shooting archery and fighting in the Arena make Katniss Everdeen exciting to watch on the big screen, but it seems those same skills may keep Jennifer Lawrence, who plays Katniss, from joining the unofficial “America’s Sweethearts” club.

Jennifer Lawrence has made headlines recently for being a superstar who has retained her sense of humor and only gets more likable the more you see her. This is the woman who left the red carpet at a premier to greet a crying fan in a wheelchair after all. And when E! News Online tweeted a photo of Lawrence at her Kentucky middle school, the caption read, “Another reason why Jennifer Lawrence has been and always will be your dream BFF.”

normal_Jennifer_Lawrence_as_Katniss_Everdeen_on_the_cover_of_Entertainment_Weekly_02 Photo by Entertainment Weekly

By: Entertainment Weekly

Dream BFF? That sounds like she’s reached sweetheart status. Unless you ask Julia Roberts, who catapulted to fame at age 19 and even starred in a movie called “America’s Sweetheart.” In a recent interview, Roberts told MTV News that because Lawrence “shoots flaming arrows,” she’s “too cool” to be considered America’s sweetheart.

No matter. Shooting arrows (of the non-flaming variety) has launched Lawrence into superstardom while sparking new interest in archery as one of archery’s best-known ambassadors. Lawrence’s skills also have inspired Elizabeth Banks who plays Effie Trinket in “The Hunger Games” and “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” to enter the Arena. Banks told MTV News:

“I would love to be in the arena. I secretly harbor the fantasy of becoming an action star at any moment. I know I’d be great at it. I’d like to drive cars fast, I’d love to shoot bows and arrows, do fisticuffs. I take it very seriously.”

Fans can now see Lawrence as she returns to the Arena in “Catching Fire,” which netted about $161.1 million in earnings and broke four records – including biggest November opening of all time and biggest holiday weekend opening – soon after its U.S. premier Nov. 22.

Role model, archery ambassador, dream BFF. Whether she ever reaches America’s Sweetheart status, Lawrence has accomplished much for herself and the sport of archery in her career already. And with the odds ever in her favor, one should never underestimate the power of Katniss Everdeen.

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