BowTech's New Bows Pack the
Aisles at ATA 2014 BowTech's New Bows Pack the Aisles at ATA 2014

As is now custom at the ATA Trade Show, BOWTECH packed its booth and beyond when the Show opened Monday at 8:30 a.m., with hundreds jamming the aisles around Booth 1752 to see the company unveil its two latest bows, the “RPM 360” and the “Carbon Overdrive.”

BOWTECH again held off on its annual high-profile bow introduction until the ATA Trade Show. After inviting dealers to be part of the flagship launch, BOWTECH steered them to nearby shooting lanes to test-shoot its new bows.

John Hernandez, BOWTECH’s national director of sales, said the RPM 360 is named after its bow speed, 360 feet per second. But Hernandez stressed it’s not all about speed.

“What separates the RPM 360 from our competition and our own earlier bows is that it’s the smoothest 360 feet-per-second bow we’ve ever produced,” he said. “You can dump a lot of technology into a bow, but the archer’s main concern is how the bow shoots and feels. To shoot a lot of speed, most bows are very loud and hard to draw. You get lots of noise, vibration and shock. Our technology in the riser, cams, pockets and carbon limbs creates a 360 fps bow you have to shoot to appreciate. You see and hear the ‘wow factor’ when people shoot it. It’s the kind of hunting bow that archery guys appreciate.”

And what about the Carbon Overdrive bow? “We took our carbon technology and added our overdrive binary cam system – the same type that’s on our RPM 360 – and added our FLX-Guard, which eliminates torque. It’s not quite as fast (342 fps) as the RPM 360, but it’s 1.3 pounds lighter and has many of the same features as the 360. It’s very maneuverable, very light, very vibration-free, and delivers massive performance.”

Both bows come in draw weights of 50, 60 and 70 pounds.

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