Donkey Butter and Deer Nuts Donkey Butter and Deer Nuts

When you see a tube of Donkey Butter, you’ll question just what that product is. Then you’ll wonder what company comes up with a name like Donkey Butter. Jimmy Primos says, “Donkey Butter is a new deer attractant from Primos that’s available in several sizes of tubes. You squeeze this substance on tree limbs and tree trunks, and deer just go crazy over its attracting power. Donkey Butter has several attracting properties, but if I told you what they were, I’d have to kill you. (grin) Our other new product, Deer Nuts, is actually our original Swamp Donkey Pellets mixed with corn, also a strong deer attractant. The corn gets the deer started eating the pellets quicker.”


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* Donkey Butter features a molasses base to appeal to a deer’s sweet tooth.

* Donkey Butter and Deer Nuts have a high success rate of attracting deer.

* Both products enable hunters and landowners to draw deer to trail cameras and learn what bucks are still available to be harvested and to establish a buck hit list.


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  • Archery Style: Bowhunting
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Expert


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