Hawk Treestands: WarBird Hawk Treestands: WarBird

This stand combo from Hawk, a treestand and treestand accessory company, offers many accessories, including a bowhanger, a step to hang your daypack on, an umbrella to protect you during rain and snow, and a comfortable seat.

Scott Lee, president of Hawk Treestands, explains that, “The WarBird also features a bowhanger that swings left to right and in and out. Also, the arm the bow hangs on can swivel down. Then when that buck appears quickly from perhaps a different direction than you’ve anticipated, your bow is hanging at the right level for you to make a slow, small move, pick up your bow with its nocked arrow and be ready to draw quickly, instead of having to make an awkward move to get your bow off your bowhanger.”


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* Features auto-lock technology on its latch system after you put the cable around the tree

* Gives the bowhunter the ability to slide the cable that’s been put around the tree into the stand for the latch to automatically lock the cable in place in increments predetermined on the cable

* Eliminates having to manually line-up the cable with a hole-and-pin system

* Weighs only 22 pounds, including the footrest, padded arms, padded seat and climb and trunk bar


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  • Archery Style: Bowhunting
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Expert


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