Montana Decoy’s Eichler Elk
Gives Bowhunters an Edge Montana Decoy’s Eichler Elk Gives Bowhunters an Edge

Anyone who’s ever elk hunted will tell you that any advantage you can gain in the field is worth its weight in gold. And hunters looking for that little something extra in the field should look no further than Montana Decoy’s Eichler Elk.

As the name suggests, the decoy was designed by legendary hunter and guide Fred Eichler, who takes every opportunity to elk hunt during the season.

The decoy weighs in at a mere 40 ounces and folds small enough to fit in just about any daypack. The true advantage of the Eichler Elk, however, is the fact that you use strings to attach the decoy to a tree instead of trying to put stakes in the ground.

“As an outfitter, I take a lot of elk hunters in the field, so functionality is really important to me,” Eichler said. “We used the Montana Decoy with a lot of success not only on my hunts, but with clients as well. We started tweaking the original design a little because with strings, you can set up the decoy a lot faster.”

The key to using strings for setup, Eichler said, can mean the difference in packing out a trophy or going home empty handed.

“In some situations, the sticks are great,” Eichler said. “However, in the West, a lot of times you’re in rocky country or sometimes the ground is frozen and you’d spend more time than you wanted to trying to get the sticks in the ground. The setup with the strings allows you to set up in seconds. Twelve to 20 seconds is my average time setting up and a lot of times that makes the difference in harvesting an elk for myself or a client.”

Along with the Eichler Elk, Montana Decoy also has something for the whitetail hunter. Called The Freshman, the latest decoy mimics a young buck with a big attitude. The idea behind the decoy is to draw a dominant buck into bow range, allowing for a shorter shot. Along with the aggressive posture, the Freshman uses HD photography to make it look even more realistic.

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