Wasp Archery Hits Bull’s-Eye
With New Drone Broadhead Wasp Archery Hits Bull’s-Eye With New Drone Broadhead

Any archer – veterans and newbies alike – will tell you that the drawback to shooting a fixed-blade broadhead is having to re-tune your bow before hunting season begins. For that reason, many hunters have foregone the bone-crushing ability of a fixed-blade to mechanical broadheads. And while mechanicals are just as accurate as field tips, some hunters prefer the security of a fixed, cut-on-contact blade.

For this reason Wasp Archery designed and introduced the Drone fixed-blade broadhead at the 2014 ATA Trade Show.

“This broadhead allows for pinpoint accuracy straight out of the package,” said Steve Johnson of Wasp. “Your bow could be just a little out of tune and with this broadhead, you’d be shooting just as good – if not better – than a field point.”

You read that right: A fixed blade that shoots as well as a field point, even out of a bow that might be out of tune.

The trocar tip and solid steel design mean you can take these straight out of the package and into the treestand without hesitation.

Bowfishing, anyone?

For those who can’t get enough treestand time during the fall, Wasp also introduced the Talon bowfishing tip this year.

The Talon features three stainless-steel barbs that fold back in flight for better accuracy and penetration through water. Once the point passes through the fish and pressure is applied, the barbs open for a reliable hold under extreme pressure.

For more information about all Wasp’s new products, visit www.wasparchery.com.

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