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Platinum Standing Estrous Code Blue Scents and Lures: Platinum Standing Estrous

Craig Stawirski, national sales manager for Code Blue Scents and Lures, says, “This year we’re introducing our Platinum Standing Estrous, a premium doe estrous. We have done the research, and this estrous deer lure is 52 percent more effective than other estrous deer lures on the market. Timing is the real key. This doe estrous is pulled at the exact time the buck is about to breed the doe. Our company also has a secret process we use to collect, package and make this product that sells for $39.99.”


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* Can use with a drag system, allowing hunters to later hang the drag to attract deer

* Enables hunters to see small and big bucks

* Has achieved unbelievable results


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  • Archery Style: Bowhunting
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Expert


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