Five Questions With Reo Wilde Five Questions With Reo Wilde

Archery360 caught up with Reo Wilde, who is currently the No. 2 ranked archer in the world, during the 2014 ATA Trade Show. Reo stopped a minute to talk about archery and bowhunting while he was signing autographs with other competitive archers at the America’s Best Bowstrings booth.

How did you get started in archery?
“My dad took me bowhunting when I was 12, so I started shooting archery because I bowhunted. I still bowhunt but it’s tough to make time for it because I travel so much for tournaments.”

What do you recommend young archers who are just getting started in archery?
“Go to local archery shops and talk to a pro. Learn from them because they know more than you’ll find out if you buy a bow from a big-box store. They’ll help you shoot until you feel comfortable and will teach you to shoot because they’ll be interested in keeping you in the sport.”

What are your thoughts on the future of archery?

The sky is the limit. We have a lot of good people in archery right now, a lot of role models for young archers. There are great venues. World Archery does some really cool things with where we get to shoot our finals. It’s grown a ton since I’ve gotten into archery. If it keeps growing and keeps its momentum, it’ll be really cool.

What is your favorite animal to bowhunt?
“I love to hunt elk. When they get to bugling and screaming, it’s a great rush. I got a chance to bowhunt some white-tailed deer this past fall, which I’d never done before. I just enjoy getting outdoors and the deer hunt was really fun.”

Describe archery in three words:
“Three words isn’t much, but I’ll go with ‘super great sport.’”

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