Just Add Water: Hi Mountain
Seasonings Unites Foodies
and Bowhunters Just Add Water: Hi Mountain Seasonings Unites Foodies and Bowhunters

Hunters in general, and bowunters in particular, are very attuned to the way their wild game is seasoned when it’s processed. Thanks to Hi Mountain Seasonings, hunters can focus on the kill instead of what do to with the meat once the deer is home.

Although 2014 marks Hi Mountain’s first foray to the ATA Trade Show, they came prepared to make a splash with some new products.

“Our new hunter’s blend is probably my personal favorite now,” said Hans Hummel, president of Hi Mountain Seasonings. “It has sold so well that we offer it in the Snackin’ Sticks and Summer Sausage blends. It’s a sort of a garlic pepper with hickory flavor and a little heat to finish it.”

Hummel’s research suggests bowhunters are the company’s best customers.

“Bowhunters are a huge percentage of our customers and we have a complete line of processing seasonings for guys to process their own meat,” Hummel said. “We’ve found that a lot of bowhunters are doing more home-processing than some of the rifle hunters.”

Hi Mountain Seasonings’ products typically focus on what happens after the hunt, but the company also produces a ready-to-eat meal – Camp Meals – for hunters in the field. Adding water makes a three-serving meal. Camp Meals are lightweight and pack easy for long backcountry hunts.

“Just add boiling water and in 15 minutes it’s ready to go. It’s like a military MRE, but tastes a lot better,” Hummel said. “If hunters want a hot meal, it’s really easy to do and with three servings per package, these meals are more filling than some of the other products out there.”

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