Mossy Oak BioLogic: Non-Typical
Clover Mossy Oak BioLogic: Non-Typical Clover

According to Bobby Cole, president of Mossy Oak BioLogic, “We’ve found the most durable, palatable and drought-resistant clover through experimenting with different types of clovers for almost 20 years. We’ve named it Non-Typical Clover, because it performs far better than any other kind of clover blend we’ve ever offered. In the North, you plant it in the spring, but in the South, you plant it in the fall for the best results. Deer and turkeys love this white clover.”


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* is easy to establish

* features large, succulent leaves

* provides a huge amount of protein

* has superior cold tolerance

* is preferred by white-tailed deer over any other clover tested

* has a 3- to 5-year life span, if maintained properly


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  • Archery Style: Bowhunting
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Expert


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