Moultrie Panoramic150 Game
Camera and Moultrie Quiet
Feeder Moultrie Panoramic150 Game Camera and Moultrie Quiet Feeder

Beth de Kozan from Moultrie’s marketing department is high on this new Panoramic 150 Game Camera. “The camera creates a mosaic, using three different photos to give you a 350-degree panoramic view around the camera.”

Moultrie also has a new Quiet Feeder that feeds three times per day and is designed to not spook deer or other animals when the feeder is throwing feed on the ground.


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* Camera features an infrared flash with a range of 70 feet that the deer can’t see

* Flash doesn’t spook deer

* Feeder can be attached to a 5-gallon bucket

* Can be used with Panoramic 150 Game Camera to photograph animals in your backyard day and night

* Works well for smaller spots in the woods that aren’t appropriate for a large distribution of corn or pellets


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  • Archery Style: Bowhunting
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Expert


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