Rage Edges Out Competition With
New Three-Blade Broadhead Rage Edges Out Competition With New Three-Blade Broadhead

Rage broadheads are already extremely popular with bowhunters because of their unique design and large cutting diameter. How do you improve on something so good? The easy answer: redesign a broadhead.

With its new design and three cut-on-contact blades, Rage has taken mechanical broadheads to a new level.

“We redesigned the broadhead as a whole,” said Rage engineer Ryan Chalupsky. “We made it more compact, tighter to the shaft of the arrow so it flies just like a field point.”

Rage also added a three-bladed, cut-on-contact tip to assure a clean, ethical kill no matter the shot angle.

“We strengthened it by using stainless steel instead of aluminum, and there’s no possible way for the redesigned blades to make contact with each other,” Chalupsky said. “Additionally, there’s a shock collar system that locks the blades in place until they hit their target.”

Along with the new design of the three-bladed broadhead, Rage introduced the Helios nock/vane system. Made with stronger material than normal blazer vanes and using a lighted nock, the Helios is set to change the way vanes are used on arrows.

“We have six vanes that are aerodynamically shaped and we shrunk the diameter of the vanes,” said Bill Pedersen, chief engineer for FeraDyne Outdoors. “Shrinking the diameter let us add a curvature on the vanes so wind flows up and over the vanes, and they aren’t affected by side wind like traditional systems.”

The best part about the Helios system is the ease of use. The lighted nock holds the vanes in place so archers don’t have to glue vanes on. This feature can come in handy if for hunters who get in a tight spot on a backcountry hunt.

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