What's to Love About Bowhunting?
Dana Wall Tells Us What's to Love About Bowhunting? Dana Wall Tells Us

We caught up with Dana Wall of “Wallhanger TV” at the 2014 ATA Trade Show in Nashville. So many people love archery and bowhunting, but we wanted to know what specifically appeals to Dana about the sport. Check out her response:

“I’ve been shooting archery for 10 years, mainly because it is fun. Just shooting archery in the backyard is a lot of fun. If you move up to the next step and get into bowhunting and really getting close to animals you want to take with your bow, you’ll definitely raise your excitement level. I get an adrenaline rush from being that close to an animal and trying to take it with my bow. Also, bowhunting gives girls and ladies opportunities to get outdoors with their families. For me, getting that close, outdoor tie with my family is very important, since it enriches our lives. My husband Chad and I host “Wallhanger TV” on the Pursuit Channel, and I really enjoy spending time outdoors with my husband.”

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