2014 ATA Trade Show Fashion:
Bold Beards 2014 ATA Trade Show Fashion: Bold Beards

Despite the exciting new bows, arrows, clothing and other products at 2014 ATA Trade Show, it’s hard to miss all the men with stellar beards perusing archery goods.

At a show attended by many hunters, it’s no surprise to see some seriously impressive facial hair. Just as athletes superstitiously wear the same pair of “lucky” socks for an entire season or grow their beards until they win the World Series (we’re looking at you, Boston Red Sox), some hunters to refuse to shave until they’ve tagged out for a season.

Some men keep their beards subtle but others draw attention across crowded aisles. While these subjects pose to show off their beards, many of their friends lament that they shaved their own beard specifically for the Trade Show. No matter; they can stop shaving now for the 2015 ATA Trade Show in Indianapolis.

Whether they pair their facial hair with a bald head or ball cap, the guys at the 2014 ATA Trade Show prove that, grizzled or groomed, beards are beautiful.

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