Josh Stewart Swaps BowTech
for Bain at ATA Trade
Show Josh Stewart Swaps BowTech for Bain at ATA Trade Show

You might remember actor Josh Stewart from Batman: The Dark Knight Rises or from his more recent stints on The Walking Dead and Criminal Minds. We caught up with him last week at the ATA Trade Show, where he was repping BowTech instead of Bain. Some quick quotes:

On his trip to the ATA Trade Show: “This is actually my first time here. About a year ago I wrote, directed and starred in a movie called “The Hunted” and BowTech was nice enough to supply us with bows and give us some marketing support, so we all thought it’d be a great idea if we did something together this year, so here I am.”

Like a kid in a candy store: “This is my first show, but I grew up hunting and fishing in West Virginia, so this is like a second Christmas for me right now! I’m trying my best to stay behind this table and not go spend any money, which is very hard.”

On finding archery: “We had a family business for quite some time, a sporting goods shop, and sold bows. I got turned on to BowTech a few years back.”

Will he come back for more? “I’ve always been an archer and I can’t believe this is my first time here. It’s pretty awesome.”

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