Hot New Products from CanCooker Hot New Products from CanCooker


The Plank cutting board makes for easy food prep at any campsite.

It’s no secret that the CanCooker Celebrity Cook-Off is one of the highlights of the ATA Trade Show. The mouth-watering morsels prepared by chefs each year get better and better, while judging the competition becomes increasingly tough.

You may not host your own outdoor television show but you can still cook like the pros.

“From deer camp to tailgating to your backyard, CanCooker is the easiest and fastest way to make a meal,” said Seth McGinn, president of CanCooker. “That’s true for our whole product line, really: quick, easy and convenient.”

This year, CanCooker introduced a foldable cutting board called The Plank. Made in three sizes, the cutting boards fold neatly for storage in a kitchen drawer or hunting pack.

“From prepping your meat to cooking it, we have products that will work for anyone,” McGinn said. “You can cook a complete meal in about an hour with any heat source, indoors or out. No grease, no oil, no frying. Add 12 ounces of any liquid to create a convection oven environment with steam, dump it out, add an inch of water back to it and let it steam to clean it. Dump out the water, dry it with a paper towel and you’re done.”

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