Hoyt Hits Market With New
Limb Lineup Hoyt Hits Market With New Limb Lineup

Like those who shoot compound bows, recurve archers are always looking for the “perfect” bow. Thanks to Hoyt’s new Quattro limb, competitive recurve shooters can stop their search.

Engineered with either a wood or foam core, the outer sections of the limbs are actually made of layered carbon.

“The outer skins could be described as a decorative weave,” said Doug Denton, product engineer for Hoyt. “But underneath that decorative weave, the carbon is engineered and designed specifically for the limbs to perform better than anything other limbs.”

One advantage of the new Quattro limbs is they provide more torsion stability. And, as Denton explains, torsion stability means the limbs resist twisting.

“Consumers and shooters are looking for torsional stability to help them shoot higher scores whether they’re shooting in their backyard, at the Olympics or in domestic and World Cup events,” Denton said. “Because the limbs are stable, the bowstring comes back in a perfectly straight line.”

Along with the stability and a smooth draw, the limbs are lightweight, offering another advantage to those shooting the Quattro limbs.

“As a recurve shooter pulls back on the string, the heavier it feels and the more weight you’re getting out of that limb,” Denton said. “So when you can engineer a limb that is smoother at certain points, it’s much easier for people to shoot. Plus it’s faster than any recurve limb we’ve ever made.”

For more information about the new Hoyt Quattro limbs, visit www.hoyt.com.

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