From Olympic Games to State
Games: High End Sights Aid
Competitors From Olympic Games to State Games: High End Sights Aid Competitors

The old adage that you can’t hit what you can’t see couldn’t be more true than with target archery. The countless hours of practice, pulling arrows and shooting could all be thrown out the window if a competitive shooter doesn’t have the right sight.

Enter Axcel Sights. Axcel manufactures and assembles each one of their target sights in their Virginia-based shop. In fact, Ben Summers, director of operations, says the machines used to build the Axcel sights are the “porches of manufacturing.”

“The new Achieve sights are made with a carbon pattern that is weaved in various directions to give it extra strength,” Summers said. “Then, we machine the holes in the bar to minimize wind resistance.”

And wind can be a major problem when shooting competitively. In fact, Summers said archers competing in Turkey were wearing backpacks just to compensate for strong winds.

Each Achieve sight features an elevation setting to raise and lower the sight as needed. For the compound sights, the travel bar measures 6 inches, while the recurve sight allows for 9 inches of vertical movement.

“Our longer elevation bar is for recurve shooters and the shorter size is for compound shooters, and both are fully customizable,” Summers said. “Because recurves aren’t quite as powerful as compounds, you need a little more elevation to compensate.”

Each sight can be adjusted for elevation and the eyepiece can be switched out with the simple twist allowing shooters to interchange scopes with varying magnifications. Also, the sights are available in a host of colors from orange to pink.

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