Emily Hyland: “I Don’t
Know How Katniss Does It” Emily Hyland: “I Don’t Know How Katniss Does It”

If you’ve seen the “Release Your Wild” promo video, you’ll recognize Emily Hyland as “the girl with the curls” who finds adventure through archery. We caught up with Hyland after seeing her post-filming Facebook update, in which she told fans she was exhausted after a day of learning archery while filming that commercial: “I am WIPED. I don’t know how Katniss does it!”

This promotional video was Hyland’s first attempt at archery. “I loved the experience,” she said. “Once I got the hang of it, it was like a dance. Your muscle memory kicks in and you start concentrating on aim and precision. There is nothing quite like getting a bull’s eye, even if you’re only 30 feet away.”

Filming the commercial – which aims to show archery’s fun and adventure – was “archery meets obstacle course” for Hyland. She spent two days running through the rolling hills of an old farm with a camera crew close behind. Bicycles were also part of the action, as well as jumping fences and climbing over hay bales.

“We had a little episode where they wanted us to vault a fence and I ran full force and ripped my pants,” Hyland said. “They had to send people out to grab a new pair while we continued filming with my leg patched with gaff tape, shooting only from the waist up!”

We wanted Hyland’s beginner perspective on archery, so we asked: Was it fun? Easy? “I think archery is particularly fun because it isn’t just a workout, it’s a game, and an empowering one at that,” she said. “There is no sensation like a ridiculously fast-shooting arrow to aim, and hear [it] pierce whatever your target may be. I felt tired and excited after each day, and was even sad when we wrapped the last scene. I wanted to keep going!”

Hyland said she was quick to tell family and friends about her archery experience. She likes that she acquired a new skill that takes her outdoors. “Romantic,” “empowering” and “thrilling” are three words she used to describe archery, noting that she’s not a particularly “sporty” person, but loves this particular pursuit.

Up next for Hyland: the premiere of “Second Time Around,” a short film she recently worked on, and the premiere of her band’s EP later this summer. Hyland and her husband have also launched a company called “Verity Varee,” which tells the story of beauty through stories about individuals. When asked if there’s anything else she wanted to share with fans, she said: “There is no other YOU out there. Challenge yourself; try something new. Live generously. Live thoughtfully. Live adventurously.”

We couldn’t agree more.


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