Determine Your Dominant
Eye in Five Steps Determine Your Dominant Eye in Five Steps

Most people have a visual preference for one eye or the other, often without realizing it. This is known as eye dominance. Before choosing a bow, it’s important to know which eye is dominant.

Eye dominance can be weak or strong, and has nothing to do with hand dominance. For example, you might be right-handed but left-eye dominant. Studies show about two-thirds of people are right-eye dominant, one-third are left-eye dominant and a small percentage favor neither eye.

Release Your Wild, a program introducing young people to archery’s world, recently shared tips to help potential archers determine their dominant eye.

5 Easy Steps to Test Eye Dominance:

  1. Go where you can see an object that’s at least 10 to 20 feet away.
  2. Clasp your hands together, make a circle between them about 1 inch in diameter, and extend your hands to arm’s length.
  3. Keeping both eyes open, use the circle to visually frame the object.
  4. While making sure you keep the object framed, pull your hands slowly back to your face.
  5. Your hands will draw naturally to your dominant eye.

In rare cases, new archers will not have a dominant eye. When this happens, it’s best to use the dominant hand to draw the bow.

Learn Archery with Jake Kaminski

Olympic archer and silver medalist Jake Kaminski explains how to determine your dominant eye and other helpful tips in the following video.

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