3 Reasons Real Archery is
Better than Wii Archery 3 Reasons Real Archery is Better than Wii Archery

When Release Your Wild posted a photo of a bow next to a Wii remote with the caption, “Don’t want to push anyone’s buttons, but with archery, there’s nothing like the real thing,” the response was overwhelmingly positive.

Some responses were simple:

Malachi Marcus: I love archery.

Joe Briscoe: What is that bow called and where may I purchase one?

Note: It’s a Hoyt Tiburon

Katie Bowen: Yes!

Serenity Rose: Awesome

Jessica Mullin: Heck yeah!

CameronJoe Keith: I want that bow

ArcherZUpshot: Amen!!

Alexandra Gonzalez: Yupp

Melinda Mathison: Want but there must be red instead of white or silver or whatever color that is!!

Sydney Barger: So true.

Some comments were funny:

Charlie Keeble: Nothing can beat the fun of a real bow and arrow. The Wii wets itself.

Matthew Murphy: Archery is fun, but it is cheaper to use the Wii.

Aaron Long: I cannot be happy with my life till I have this bow …

Others were … huh?

Emily Garrett: On behalf of the Hunters of Artemis … We agree (: 

But whether the comments were so true or somewhat ridiculous, Release Your Wild fans happily weighed in on their favorite sport.

Here are three reasons why, with archery, there’s nothing like the real thing:

1. Real Archery is Open to Everyone

With Wii archery, you can look like these guys.

If doing archery as your true self is a draw for you, you can shoot real archery no matter your age, size, skill level or physical limitations.

2. Real Archery Offers Equipment Options

When playing Wii archery, your options are fairly limited. You can use the Wii controller and nunchuck, or buy a bow attachment.

But with real archery, there’s equipment to fit your needs and style. From bows and arrows to quivers and arm guards, you’ll find something that matches your unique style.

3. Real Archery Can Be Done Almost Anywhere

Sure, it’s fun sometimes to shoot archery from your living room. And who wouldn’t want to try archery on Wii Sports Resort’s Wuhu Island?

But with real archery, you can shoot inside or outside, in your backyard or on a beach. Archery also is one of the few sports you can do alone by challenging your personal scores, or as part of a group.


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