Archery and the Zombie Apocalypse Archery and the Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies are everywhere! OK. If you consider that legions of undead aren’t actually swarming the streets – there’s really no need to run to your window and look – zombies aren’t everywhere. They are, however, featured so often in books, movies and TV shows that it’s hard to escape the topic.

When someone mentions zombies, it’s often in the context of a “zombie apocalypse,” a term made mega-famous by “The Walking Dead,” “World War Z” and other media references. But what exactly does the term mean? Generally, “zombie apocalypse” refers to a widespread rise of undead humans that engage in an assault on civilization.

Zombie “facts” are as abundant as are the ideas about how to effectively avoid becoming one. Some say the best way to fight zombies is with a sword or a heavy, blunt object while others say a trusty bow and arrow can fit the bill.

No one should be this close to a zombie. Ever. Photo: ContainsModeratePeril

No one should be this close to a zombie. Ever. Photo: ContainsModeratePeril

Three Reasons Archery Is the Best Defense During a Zombie Apocalypse

1) Archery is Quiet

Many theories suggest that zombies are drawn to light and noise. So cover your windows and stick to the shadows. But if you have to fight zombies, a bow and arrow is quiet, unlike a gunshot.

2) Archery is Distant

Getting close enough to club a zombie with a heavy object, means, well, getting close to a zombie. Who wants to do that? Your best bet is to practice shooting targets at 10 yards, and gradually shoot targets at greater distances as your skills improve. For other shooting tips, Olympic Archer and silver medalist Jake Kaminski can get you started off right.

3) Archery is Sustainable

If you rely on guns to fight zombies, you’ll risk running out of ammunition. With archery, you can make your own arrows, so you won’t worry about an arrow shortage. You also can learn to make a primitive stick bow to shoot your homemade arrows.

Why Does this Matter?

The best perspective on why you should prepare for the zombie apocalypse comes from the FAQ page of the forum at

Q: Do you really think Zombies are real or is this some sort of zombie movie fan site?

A: Zombie Squad realizes that it is quite possible for someone to live their entire lives without encountering the undead nuisance. However, we hold fast to the belief that if you are prepared for a scenario where the walking corpses of your family and neighbors are trying to eat you alive, you will be prepared for almost anything.

Zombie Squad is very serious about promoting public awareness of the need for survival preparation and contingency planning.

Facing Zombies Unarmed

If you find yourself in the midst of a zombie apocalypse and must face these creatures unarmed, what should you do? “Guns and Ammo” lists seven tips for this scenario, beginning with a simple but vital “stay alert.”

To be truly prepared for a ghoulish encounter, you need to plan for the worst-case scenario: fighting the undead unarmed. When you’re relegated to facing a zombie empty-handed, adhering to these proven tactics will keep your cerebral cortex from becoming a tasty appetizer and, even more important, you from becoming the newest member of a cold and carnivorous zombie clan.

Stay Alert

Alertness is a cornerstone to any realistic self-defense program. Whether it’s recognizing a potential carjacker or detecting a zombie slinking in the shadows, being alert to the possibility of danger is the best way to avoid it. After all, the best fight is the one you’re not in, especially when it involves an undead opponent.

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