DIY Archery Jewelry: 7 Creative
Materials to Use DIY Archery Jewelry: 7 Creative Materials to Use

Expressing your unique style is as simple as accessorizing with jewelry. If you can’t find the exact accessory that speaks to you, or if you’d rather make a one-of-a-kind piece for you or your friends, try one – or all – of these seven creative materials for making your own jewelry. With a few changes, all these can be personalized to give your piece an archery theme.


Make your own arrow headband or ring, and replace the star shapes with a chevron or triangles. You also can give your jewelry a rock-star edge with a leather arrow and chain bracelet.

Create a custom-carved leather bracelet with a simple arrow, the name of your archery club or a phrase that inspires you in practice. Try starting with a leather cuff, or use scraps from an old belt to make a friendship bracelet.


Show your love for nature and archery by making your own stone ring. Whether you choose neon or a monochromatic color scheme that will work with any outfit, you can modify your stone ring by drawing a bow, arrow, feathers or a target.


Make a cute, quirky archery-target ring with this simple button jewelry tutorial. Use the same button-stacking technique to make a funky button necklace or whimsical earrings.


When making fabric jewelry, you can do a lot with a little. Turn old scraps into an arrow- or feather-shaped necklace, or make felt rings with any pattern you like. Make your own target earrings with an archery charm in place of the flower and flip-flop combination shown here.


For a trendy take on a classic style, make your own locket-inspired necklaces by sewing a simple arrow, chevron or triangle on the fabric. The same principle applies to making a vintage-inspired, embroidered ring.

Wood or Paper

In relation to archery, wood is most often used to make traditional bows and arrows. But wood and paper also can be turned into unique jewelry. Make small, wooden pieces typically found with dollhouse-building materials and your favorite archery image or quote into a fun necklace. Or layer paper cut-outs of an arrow or feather to create your new favorite statement earrings.


Imagine adding an edge to any outfit with these on-trend zipper bracelets. Now imagine swapping the charms shown here with an arrow pendant for an accessory that really hits its mark. Wire jewelry is a popular DIY project for good reason: You can buy multiple shades of inexpensive wire and bend it to any shape you want for a new bracelet or ring.

Mixed Media

A favorite photo of you shooting archery isn’t limited to a frame, phone or social media. With a few steps, you can make a mini-Polaroid necklace to remind you of your best friends, your first bull’s-eye or a perfect day at the local archery park. You also can make a metal-backed pendant using resin, a picture or text cut from a book. Or make a ring or pendant from resin and your favorite arrow charm.


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