#ArcheryProblems: 12 Issues
Only Archers Will Understand #ArcheryProblems: 12 Issues Only Archers Will Understand

Let’s face it: Some problems are unique to archery. Whether it’s an expensive Robin Hood, an invisible force field around the gold, or the fact nobody understands your obsession with your bow and arrows, there are some issues only archers can understand:

1. One arrow had to score a 4 – because everything else was 9 or better.


2. Living in a climate that doesn’t lend itself to outdoor practice.


3. You’re so obsessed with shooting that the only people who will date you are other archers.


4. Thanks to movies like “The Hunger Games” and “The Lord of the Rings,” everyone thinks they understand your sport.


5. Missing the target is one thing, but missing so epically that people Tweet about it is entirely another.


6. Shooting a Robin Hood – splitting one arrow with another – is awesome. “Robin Hooding” an expensive outdoor arrow? Not so much.


7. Why does everyone think being an archer requires shooting apples off someone’s head?


8. We’re not sure what this guy is doing, but we’re pretty sure we’re never allowed to shoot six arrows at a time.


9. Tired of paying for nocks? Of course you are. They break every time you so much as look at them.


10. Nothing’s more fun than setting up a new bow – and ricocheting a new arrow off the wall in front of you.


11. We love butterflies, but bugs seem more attracted to archers than anyone else. ON EARTH.


12. Just fletched a dozen arrows? Perfect. This almost guarantees you’ll tear a fletching the next time you practice.


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