11 Awesome Archery Party
Ideas: As If You Need
a Reason 11 Awesome Archery Party Ideas: As If You Need a Reason

Outdoor archery season has arrived, and whether you’re a young archer or a grown up one, archery themed parties are the perfect way to get together with friends. So why not host an archery party? Here are 11 archery party ideas to make your shindig a success, with gorgeous photos from Kara’s Party Ideas.

Do you really need a reason?

Archery Birthday Party Ideas

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Birthdays (for adults or kids!) are just one great excuse for an archery party. You can also have them for graduations, weddings and for watching archery tournaments, a la the Super Bowl (in fact, you can watch the Archery World Cup LIVE from Shanghai this weekend). In other words, hold one for any reason at all!

Get your lighting on

Archery Birthday Decorations

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Who doesn’t love paper lanterns? They make every occasion prettier, especially when they’re colored like archery targets. Start from the ceiling and work your way down.

It’s all about the food and goodies

Archery Birthday Party Snack Ideas

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We have three words for you: target-colored M&Ms. YES.

Dinner parties are an option, too.

Archery Birthday Party Table Settings

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Are sit-down dinners more your style? That’s OK. You can rock out with archery place settings.

Because everyone loves a good cookie.

Archery Birthday Party Snack Ideas

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COOKIES. Archer cookies, bow and arrow cookies, target cookies – we love them all.

It’s all about the swag.

Archery Birthday Party Favor Ideas

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You need something cute to give to your guests, even for an archery party, Why not do these cute goody-bags?

Get the word out.

Archery Birthday Party Invitations

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Invites can take the form of cards, emails or even signs. Get creative. You can order formal archery invitations online, and make less formal ones on your computer.

Everything can be decorated.

Archery Birthday Party Decorations

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When creating archery party decorations, include the whole house in the act. Mantels, tables, windows and lighting fixtures are all potential targets for archery decorations.

Tiny details score big points.

Archery Birthday Party Supplies

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Place itty-bitty archery targets and bows at each dinner-place setting. Need we say more?

Feathers: an archery party must.

Archery Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

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Vases, mason jars and target-colored glass bottles can all hold feathers. They’re perfect for the archers at your house. A ribbon ties it off nicely.

It’s time to shoot!

Archery Birthday Party Events


The perfect activity for your party? Shooting bows and arrows, of course! Check out your local archery range for party rates, or set up a safe archery range and bring a certified instructor to your event.

Looking for more party ideas and inspiration? Check out Kara’s Party Ideas and get creative!

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