Archery Displays: Always in
Fashion, But Especially
Now Archery Displays: Always in Fashion, But Especially Now

Anthropologie is the latest upscale clothing store to feature an archery theme in its store displays, proving again that archery and fashion are a fine mix. At an Anthropologie store in Reston, Va., stylish spring dresses are displayed on a target with a large arrow.

In the Boston, Mass., location, arrows are tucked into a wardrobe with colorful dishes. Most people wouldn’t store arrows and glassware together, but the display is a subtle reminder that there’s room for archery in everyday life.


During an interview with “Fast Company,” architect Ron Pompei, who led the creative direction of every Anthropologie space, said ideas of activity and discovery define stores.

“We do everything we can to ground the experience in tactile, visual, kinesthetic, sensual elements,” Pompei says. “From the materials we use to how the space is laid out. There are no aisles — you wander and chart your own course. It’s subliminal but effective. I describe it as like taking a walk in the woods, or walking the hill towns of Tuscany.”

In March 2014, Forbes said,

To attract customers and enhance its appeal, the brand also creates engaging story telling techniques through its store windows, visual merchandising and display, along with catalog and email communications.”

Archery is Engaging

Taking walks through woods and telling engaging stories are ideas that resonate with archers. And drawing shoppers – particularly women – to stores by using arrows and targets in displays makes sense. The sport is exciting and challenging, and shooting arrows at a target suggests extraordinary freedom.

Release Your Wild, which launched Nov. 5, 2013, engaged 11.8 million people in only two months. Of those millions, 90 percent were under age 18, and 65 percent were girls. When Release Your Wild asked Facebook followers to fill in the blank in the following sentence, archery fans responded in droves.

I love archery because Photo Release Your Wild

“I love archery because _____.”

Ashlan Biggs: It’s more skill more fun and I love the challenge of it. And it feels amazing, like freedom.

Inez Oliveras: Because I feel like a beast master marksman when I get “bull’s-eye.”

Garrick Stamey: It is like being on vacation every time I hit the woods.

Jennifer Rodrigues: It makes me feel like I mean something in the world.

Zara Hoffman: It makes me feel brave.

Jasmine Brooks: It feels like freedom.

Justus Tejera: Because when you hit the bull’s-eye, you feel a surge of life go through you.

Archery is Growing

TV shows and movies regularly feature archery, and the number of women participating in archery is growing.

A survey by the Archery Trade Association in early 2013 reported that, of 18.9 million archers and bowhunters nationwide, 5.8 million (31 percent) of all participants and 4.2 million (41 percent) of archery-only participants were women.

USA Archery reported a 130 percent increase in female membership between 2011 and 2013, and said youth membership rose 104 percent in the same time.

Archery Fashion is On Target

Anthropologie isn’t the first store to feature archery in its displays. In August 2013, J. Crew hung a mix of bright and monochromatic targets, pierced with colorful arrows, in its windows.


In 2012, Display Hunter said:

“First appeared on the runway of Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2012 show for men’s collection, now arrows become the main decoration for the latest Louis Vuitton window display. Those arrows are coming in colorful combinations with this season’s neon or fluorescent color. These are the photos from the Plaza Senayan’s LV boutique [located in Central Jakarta, Indonesia]. For the women windows, the arrows form a circular arrangement and the colors of the arrows are more bright. While the men window display, the arrows are forming a rhombus shape and come in darker colors. Excellent.”



With archery gaining popularity, it makes sense to expect more stores to use bows, arrows and targets as part of their displays, and to offer archery-inspired clothing and accessories.

To learn more about archery, check out Getting Started in Archery.

Feature Photo: Display Hunter

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