Amazing Archery Trick Shots:
Don't Try This at Home Amazing Archery Trick Shots: Don't Try This at Home

When an archer begins a video by saying, “Most of you know I like to shoot apples off people’s heads,” what follows is obviously worth watching.

That’s the case with Archery Tag founder John Jackson’s “Wild Trickshots With A Bow!” video, which includes Jackson trying to shoot nine apples in a row off nine brave volunteers’ heads. He also aims at an apple in someone’s mouth, and looks in a mirror to try another incredible shot.

Note: Even if you can find brave volunteers, don’t try these archery trick shots at home!

Ty from Dude Perfect continues the shoot-an-apple-off-a-head theme. He makes the first known attempt to shoot an apple off a panda’s head in a video titled “Bow and Arrow Trick Shots | Dude Perfect.”

If you’ve ever considered mixing archery with basketball, shooting a bow while sliding off a roof, or screaming “YEAHHH!!” after making a trick shot, you’ll be disappointed to learn they’ve all been done before. The good news is the hits (and a few misses) were caught in this entertaining video.

Note: If you can find a brave panda to volunteer, you could try these shots at home. Good luck.


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