These 10 Archery Animals Make
Practice Even More Fun These 10 Archery Animals Make Practice Even More Fun

Archery practice is usually better with company, and it’s even better when your friends are furry, cute, loyal…archery animals! There’s something about archery that seems to attract wildlife of all kinds. It could be a puppy helping to pull arrows, a cat sharpening its claws on a foam target, or butterflies and dragonflies landing on your gear to provide “distraction training.”

Here are 10 wild and awesome archery animals to keep you company at practice:

Moth in sight?

How about on an arrow?


Color coordination at its best:


Frog got your limb?


A big smile regardless of your score:

A loyal practice partner even helps with targets.

Photo: Patrick Laursen

Photo: Patrick Laursen

Some dogs really get into the act.


While some cats take matters into their own paws.


Even puppies know a good arrow from a not-so-good one.


And when your cat says it’s time to quit … you listen.


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