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Can’t wait to see Katniss Everdeen grace the silver screen again? Don’t worry a bit: “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1” is headed our way this fall, and Lionsgate is kicking promotion into high gear. Until Mockingjay’s release this November, content yourself by upping your style game with these Panem-inspired luxuries.

Archery Rings

In archery, “shooting fingers” means drawing your bowstring with your fingers instead of a mechanical release. But you can give the term a whole new meaning with these archery rings.


Archery Earrings

Whether you like simple or more ornate, there are archery earrings to fit your style.

Archery Bracelets

Jennifer Lawrence would rock this mockingjay cuff – and we think you could, too.


And really, you can never have too many bracelets:

Archery Necklaces and Archery Ties

Accessorize your favorite outfit with an archery necklace or silk screen tie.

Archery Pin

Show your allegiance to Katniss and the uprising with your own Mockinjay pin – in metal or yarn.


Not all archery pins need a mockingjay.

Archery Watch

In “Catching Fire,” the clock-like Arena offered new horrors every hour to the Tributes. But you can keep time without Jabberjays or poisonous mist.

By: GeekAlerts


District 1 is all about luxury.



Hey, why else would you name kids Gloss and Cashmere?


District 1 posted on Facebook: “It is the luxury craftsmanship and jewelry of D1 that keeps our Capitol shimmering like the stars in the sky. What magnificent pieces are you working on today?”

By: DistrictPN

By: DistrictPN

District 1 also said:  “As the close of the #VictoryTour nears, our victors are finally met with the sparkle and luster of #District1.”

By: District1PN

By: District1PN


If you identify with the luxury of District 1, check out these top-of-the-line items.

Chocolate Bars



Nail Polish

By: AllLaqueredUp

By: AllLaqueredUp


Luxury, for District 1, is perfectly blinged-out with a deep, dramatic red lip.

By: Cover Girl

By: Cover Girl

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