Archery Nail Art We Love:
Bow and Arrow Manicures Archery Nail Art We Love: Bow and Arrow Manicures

When you’re an archer, your nails are always on display: whether you’re gripping your bow, drawing the bowstring or releasing an arrow, your manicure is always visible. So why not give people something to look at? Adding a little archery nail art takes just a few minutes, and several of these unique archery manicure ideas are easy to do at home.¬†

Rock your team colors!

Archery nail art: team colors

Shoot for the fun factor.

Archery manicure ideas: arrows

Olympic rings are the best kind:

Archery nail art: Olympic rings

Show your love for archery, Cupid-style.

DIY archery manicure ideas: Cupid's arrow

Nail art that’s camera-ready:

Archery manicure ideas: Mexico's Aida Roman, Ukraine's Lidiia Sichenikova, and Great Britain's Amy Oliver.

Mexico’s Aida Roman, Ukraine’s Lidiia Sichenikova, and Great Britain’s Amy Oliver.

Put a little bling on your bow.

Unique archery manicure ideas: bow and arrows

Camo more your style? You can do that, too.

Cool camo nail art and manicure ideas

Put a little sparkle on it:

Nail art design ideas: sparkle arrows

Target a perfect manicure.

Target nail art

Whoever Alexis is, she does beautiful archery nail art.

Archery nail art and manicure ideas: targets, bows and arrows

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