8 Reasons Green Arrow is
Better than Hawkeye 8 Reasons Green Arrow is Better than Hawkeye

Green Arrow is better than Hawkeye. Compare their archery form and fighting skills, and they might seem evenly matched. But eight other factors make Green Arrow better.

Both have been called “the best archer in the world,” so it’s tough to determine who would win a battle to the death. (Admittedly, Hawkeye would win because Green Arrow adopted a no-kill policy.) But we’ll look at other factors besides their fighting prowess.

For our purposes, we’ll compare the characters’ most current incarnations: Clint Barton/Hawkeye, played by Jeremy Renner in Marvel’s “The Avengers” series, and DC Comics’ Oliver Queen/Arrow, played by Steven Amell on the CW’s “Arrow.”

Here are eight reasons Green Arrow is better than Hawkeye:


1)    Mystery

Arrow is a man of mystery. He fights villains and saves victims while protecting his identity with no more than a hood, clever use of shadows, and black paint smudged around his eyes. He wears an eye mask in Season 2, but still, it doesn’t conceal much. Oh, and he changes his voice when talking to Laurel or her dad.

2)    Hideout

Concealing his identity means Arrow needs a top-secret hideout. As if a lair full of high-tech equipment and glass cases for storing his Green Arrow gear aren’t enough, Oliver Queen’s Arrow Cave is located under his own dance club – Verdant – in The Glades.

3)    Team

The Avengers work together to defeat their foes, but oh my word, the bickering we must endure! Arrow’s team helps him take down bad guys without mixing in their own egos and agendas. Sure, Dig wants to avenge his brother’s death, and other plot lines appear, but the team’s focus is helping Oliver.

4)    Wardrobe

Dress shirt, T-shirt, blue shirt, no shirt … We see Oliver rock various looks, and they’re all better than Hawkeye’s wardrobe. In many of the show’s flashbacks, Oliver is a hot mess. But after returning from the island, he cleans up nicely.

In flashbacks, Oliver is a hot mess. Photo: The CW Facebook

In flashbacks, Oliver is a hot mess. Photo: The CW Facebook

5)    Leather

This needs no explanation, though Arrow Oliver earns extra points for fighting his foes in head-to-toe green leather.

6)    Motorcycle

Whether it’s down stairs, in front of buses or on Starling City’s dark streets, Arrow drives his Ducati Diavel like he stole it. And when we see him ride over a taxi, it’s on a motorcycle he truly did steal.

7)    Bow

Oliver learned to shoot archery with one bow on Lian Yu, the island where he was stranded for five years. During the first season, he used a bow made of found objects. Then he received an Oneida Kestrel in Season 2 when Felicity upgraded the Arrow Cave. Each bow is better than the last. Maybe he’ll get another new bow next season?

8)    Villains

Hawkeye fights Loki, aliens and other baddies, but the roster of villains on “Arrow” is amazing: China White, a member of the Triad; The Count, dealer of Vertigo, which nearly killed Oliver’s sister Thea Queen; jewel thief The Dodger, who nearly killed Felicity; Floyd Lawton/Deadshot, Helena Bertinelli/The Huntress; Nyssa al Ghul and the list goes on. We can’t wait to see who Oliver and his team will take on in Season 3!


One of the best things about archery is that anyone can enjoy it. Who Says You Need Superhuman Strength?

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