These 12 Archers Show Us Why
It's Awesome to Shoot
Like a Girl These 12 Archers Show Us Why It's Awesome to Shoot Like a Girl

In case you’ve missed the “Always #LikeAGirl” campaign, this video reminds young women that doing anything “like a girl” is strong and empowering. Why? Because it exposes – and demolishes – stereotypes others hold about girls. In this video, young women show just how strong girls can be. Thanks to this campaign, the hashtag #LikeAGirl makes people re-imagine what it means to do something like a girl.

So we wondered: What does it mean to shoot like a girl? One organization, Shoot Like a Girl, was founded to give women more opportunities to engage in archery and bowhunting.

According to the organization’s website, founder Karen Butler realized this fact: “Although women are the fastest growing demographic in shooting sports, there were still factors that limited their involvement. Primarily, the opportunity for women to try equipment that fits in a safe and controlled environment.” The organization spreads its message at conventions, tournaments and conservation events. To aid those efforts and recruit new archers, staff members bring equipment for female spectators to shoot.

Further, girls who want to shoot archery will find plenty of female heroes in the sport’s youth and adult divisions. Whether they’re competitive archers or keen outdoorswomen, they all redefine what it means to “shoot like a girl.”

These 12 female archers show us that, no matter what your age, shooting like a girl means strength and power.

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