DIY Crossbow: 3 Fun Ways
to Make Your Own DIY Crossbow: 3 Fun Ways to Make Your Own

Are you looking for fun projects that teach you how to build miniature to full-size crossbows? Forget expensive and complicated woodworking tools. You can make a DIY crossbow from easy-to-find items like paper, PVC pipe or common office supplies. Simply follow the directions that follow for these three fun DIY crossbows.

The projects in these videos are:

  • easier than woodworking
  • made without expensive tools
  • cheaper than buying a crossbow
  • fun

PVC Crossbow

YouTube user “Backyard Bowyer” created an 11-part video tutorial for making a PVC crossbow. This project takes more than a day to complete, so plan ahead.

Paper Crossbow

Once you assemble all the pieces, you can make this little DIY crossbow from paper in about an hour!

Office-Supply Crossbow

Binder clips and pens aren’t just for school and work. Turn them into a toy crossbow!

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