The Archer's Playlist: Follow
and Add Your Favorites The Archer's Playlist: Follow and Add Your Favorites

What do archers listen to when they practice? Before you say “there’s no music at the archery range,” we must tell you that World Cup tournaments and many other high-level competitions play music almost non-stop. Most indoor archery ranges will have a radio playing, and music is proven to help athletes relax.

When we polled archer friends about favorite songs and artists, we heard everything from Macklemore’s “Can’t Hold Us” (Wake Forest archery coach Amy Forbes) to “Headstrong” by Trapt (a favorite of compound star Brittany Lorenti). Compounder Sarah Lance is listening to Jason Aldean and Brantley Gilbert; archery coach George Ryals is hearing Buddy Guy. Other picks included AC/DC, Avril Lavigne, Avicii, Kid Rock, One Republic, Alicia Keys and Matisyahu.

So why not incorporate music into your next archery practice? We know lots of you are rocking out with your earbuds in, shooting your bows right now. We’ve created an archery playlist on Spotify. Follow the playlist, and add your favorite songs!


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