Bowhunting Hits the Major
Leagues - Literally Bowhunting Hits the Major Leagues - Literally

Roughly 74 million fans attended Major League Baseball games in 2012. That same year, 18.9 million Americans 18 and older participated in archery sports and/or bowhunting. Is it possible for archery to climb to the popularity levels of MLB? With continued positive PR from athletes like pitching ace Fernando Rodney, the Seattle Mariners’ dominant closer, it just might.

In this video, Rodney pulls an arrow from his quiver to celebrate closing the game and says: “I love how they shoot the animals. Because when they shoot the animals –done.”

In a tied game against the Los Angeles Angels, however, Rodney released his arrow at the end of the eighth inning, three outs too soon. Albert Pujols, the Angels’ first baseman, answered with a tying double and fired his own arrow into the Angels’ dugout in celebration. Grant Green sealed the deal with a bases-loaded single for a 6-5 Angels victory.

Where did Fernando Rodney go wrong? Did he choose the wrong arrow? Perhaps he misjudged the distance. Maybe he wasn’t using his dominant eye.

It’s OK, Rodney. Major League Bowhunter Chipper Jones and Archery 360 are here to help.

Keep Calm and Let It Fly

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