7 Unique DIY Bows and
Arrows 7 Unique DIY Bows and Arrows

You can save your money to buy a compound, recurve or traditional bow, or you can try making one of these seven unique DIY bows and arrows by using everything from bike wheels to PVC.

1. Bike Wheel Bow by Darren Hall

DIY bow and arrow bike wheel

2. Cross-Country Ski Bow by Yoshinok

DIY bow and arrow ski bow

3. K’Nex Compound Bow by Plasmapy

DIY bow and arrow knex

4. Hanger Bow and Arrow by ThePinkLab

DIY bow and arrow hanger

5. PVC Bow by Skip to My Lou

DIY bow and arrow pvc

6. Stick Bow by Sophie’s World

7. Tiny Bow and Arrow by The Brooding Hen

DIY bow and arrow popsicle stick

Bonus: try these three fun DIY crossbows!

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