Trendsetting: Archery Fashion
Inspiration Trendsetting: Archery Fashion Inspiration

Archery fashion: it’s a thing. From arrow displays in Louis Vuitton to target graphics in J. Crew, we’re seeing archery everywhere. Models with bows; designers accessorizing with quivers. We’ve pulled together thirteen of our favorite archery fashion looks featuring bow-and-arrow inspiration.

Influence: Luxury

A sweeping ballgown adds a touch of luxury to our favorite sport, and compliments the graceful lines of the recurve bow.

archery fashion

Photo: Harpers Bazaar – China

Influence: Masonry

Archery surrounded by bricks and rubble never looked so glam.

archery fashion

Photo: MysticMedUSA – Pinterest

Influence: Electronics

Shimmery sequins make this dress look high-tech…just like this model’s Olympic-style recurve bow.

archery fashion

Influence: Fishing

Archery by the sea would be a dream in this sea-green outfit. Bowfishing with a longbow, perhaps?

archery fashion

Photo: Marinshe – Deviant Art

Influence: Power

We’re beginning to see crossbows everywhere, and this ad is evidence: fashion influenced by a bit of extra shooting power.

archery fashion

Photo: Elle

Influence: Transportation

Leading lines on this fashion-forward shirt and pants look like roads and railroad tracks remind us District 6 in “The Hunger Games” – and the clean lines often found in archers with great shooting techniques.

archery fashion


Influence: Lumberjack Look

Layers, tall boots and skinny jeans are always in fashion, and this model’s recurve bow makes the look even cooler.

archery fashion

Photo: Jessika Hunter Photography via

Influence: Dynamic Textiles

Bold patterns and bright colors bring to mind artisans and hand-dyed textiles. The bow? That’s all natural, too.

archery fashion


Influence: Wide-Open Fields

A chambray shirt and no-fuss hairstyle are spot-on for fall archery practice.

archery fashion

Photo: Cole Pusateri. Model: Christiana Pusateri

Influence: Fierce Winter

A hands-free way to carry a bow and arrows, plus an amazing outfit with fur trim, makes snowy weather seem the height of archery fashion.

archery fashion

Photo: Pinterest

Influence: Love

Between the weeping willow and the dusty pink palette, we love this look that reminds us of Cupid’s arrow.

archery fashion

Photo: Vogue UK

Influence: Fire

We wish she’d string her bow properly, but we give her credit for this fiery palette.

archery fashion

Photo: Diego Fuga – Chicquero

Influence: The Cold North

An archery-influenced ensemble with this neutral color palette would blend perfectly in the Arctic…or anywhere you want to make a statement.

archery fashion

Photo: Twisted

Influence: The Capitol

“The Hunger Games'” Effie Trinkett would approve of this unique makeup and headpiece that’s complimented by arrows with beautiful flu-flu fletchings.

archery fashion

Photo: Alexia Sinclair

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